Lionel Messi Current girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo

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Messi Ex girlfriends: In the past Messi was romantically linked to Macarena Lemos, who was also from his home town of Rosaria. He is reported to have been introduced to her through the girl’s father, when he returned home after an injury just before the 2006 World cup. Then, he was paired with the Argentinean glamour model Luciana Salazar Ortega.  

Messi girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo: Antonella is Messi’s current girl friend and she is known for her fascinating beauty. This Argentinean girl has known Messi since his childhood because she is a cousin of his best friend Lucas Scaglia. However, they fell for each other in 2009 and then got engaged in 2010. Since then they have a very strong love relationship but they like to keep it discreet and their public appearances are scarce. Below you can see some of Messi and his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo photos.

Update: Messi's son Thiago is born on November 3, 2012

messi girlfriend
Messi with his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo  in party

Antonella Roccuzzo with messi parents

Messi with Antonella Roccuzzo family
Antonella Roccuzzo with friends

Antonella Roccuzzo bikini
Antonella Roccuzzo 
Antonella Roccuzzo in bikini
Antonella Roccuzzo in bikini

Antonella Roccuzzo
messi girlfriend

antonella roccuzzo with son

Antonella Roccuzzo
Antonella Roccuzzo friends
messi gf Antonella Roccuzzo
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Antonella Roccuzzo In Bikini