Barcelona Player Lionel Messi Salary Monthly Income

By on 03:23

Many fans ask who is the most paid footballer and how much does he earn. So the question is answered here. According to the France Football magazine, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is the most paid footballer in the world and Real Madrid’s coach Jose Mourinho is the most paid club manager in football.
Stats are that the three times star of the year, Lionel Messi’s income from publicity deals and his salary in 2011 amounted up to 31 million Euros while Real Madrid’s manager Mourinho topped the manager’s list with amounting to 13.5 million Euros per year.
Although Messi’s income is the highest when we talk about football but it is still way less than the most world’s most paid sportsman of all time, Tiger Woods. However, when we speak of Messi’s nearest rival in the football world, we see that on second place there stands Cristiano Ronaldo making 27.5 million Euros per year. Following this Portuguese star there appears Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney making 20.7 million in 2011.

Further statistics show that the English Premier League is the most luxurious and highest paying league with 7 of its representatives in the top list of 20 highest paid players. Two of the former players David Beckham and Thierry Henry are ranked fifth and 11th places with salaries amounting up to 19 million and 13.6 million Euros respectively.  Both these players now play in the MLS in the United States.

On the other hand, speaking of managers, Mourinho is on the top of the list while Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola fits in second place generating 10.5 million. Inter coach Raphael Benitez comes third with 10.2 million per year.